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Level 1 to Level 2 ? after taking a break


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I achieved my level 1 status pretty fast once i had my gigs rollin, i had 40 orders within the 2 month period but before i could hit the 50th order for level 2 status i unfortunately had to take a break from fiverr for a while. If i start my gigs back up, will i reach the level 2 status once i hit the 50th order? if not what will it take to get there?

thank you for any advice!!

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still wondering this questions actually… customer supports answer was "as long as you meet the requirements… " but the requirements to me are unclear, i’ve seen it explained both ways so I am confused. is it 50 orders WITHIN the first 2 months? or 50 orders once you’ve been a apart of fiver for 2 months? or just 50 orders period? any one have any experience with this? thanks!!

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