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Alot of views, impressions, clicks BUT NO Orders


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Hi there!
To be honest 46 impressions aren’t really a lot on Fiverr.
Sometimes you have 46 K impressions and still not have any order.
I checked your profile and here are my views on it.

1: You have only one gig which is in a very competitive category.
Try to diversify your gigs and try to come up with something more unique.
If this is the only category that you are good at, try to make your gigs look different than the others in your niche with better graphics and text content.
As a new seller you can create 7 gigs.
Make good use of your level.

2: Your video is too long and if I were to order your Photoshop gig, I would not want to go through entire 2 and half minute video.
You might want to make it short and on point.
As you can see, the video thumbnail of your gig doesn’t really tell much about your services.

3: Just because you are in a hurry, don’t assume that others are as well.
Nobody will shell out their money without researching about the person they are paying.
We all started here with no orders and reviews.
Let me tell you, it is difficult to get orders here just like any other marketplace, but if you really are serious invest your time for this and see that your profile is appealing to potential buyers.

4: Your bio.
You mentioned that you “Photoshop when you are bored”.
Well that doesn’t really sound professional to me.
Why would someone pay you if you don’t sound passionate about your work.

I hope this helps you.
Wish you a lot of success on Fiverr.

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Hi Ritu!
Sorry if this sounds too harsh, but as I can see you have 1 review on your profile which is also a 3.3 star rated “satisfactory experience” review.
Now you might think that 3.3 star rated gig and a 67% rated profile isn’t really bad after all.
But that’s not the case here.
You are new on Fiverr and the very first review from your buyer gives a negative impression on your work.
If I were in your position I would try to contact my buyer and re work on their order until they are happy with it.
Remember, you need to deliver quality work to your buyers always.
First impression is the last impression.
I wish success with your venture.

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I also rework for many time but he want more rework and at last he placed this feedback. I also message him to change this feedback because of 90% feedback I still can’t access my buyer request option. I very sad and wait for a quick new order for getting good and 90%+ feedback. As a new seller buyer request is one point to get an order. So how can I get a new order without it ?
However thanks in advance for see my profile

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You are very welcome and I’m really sorry to hear that.
But there’s nothing much you can do here other than talking to your buyer about it and get this resolved or simply move on and try different other promotion methods mentioned in various posts on the forum here.
If your gig has a good market value then people will surely buy it from you.

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