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Deleting some Gigs


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Hello, everyone, how are you? I hope all of you are doing well 🙂

I’ll go straight to the point and ask you, if I delete one or two of my old Gigs, will I lose all the history on my profile related to those Gigs? Such as Completed Deliveries and the rating people gave me on their reviews.

I’m an illustrator and I’ve been working through Fiverr for more than a year, I have improved a lot while working for people here. The point is that some of the artworks that people can see on those Gigs are pretty old and look quite awful to me nowadays (I’m talking about the artwork shown on customers’ reviews, I know I can just change the main gallery of 3 images), I think it can be a negative impression for any new possible customer while looking at my Gigs, so I want to delete those Gigs for creating new ones… BUT I don’t want to lose all the good rating as well as the complete deliveries history related to those Gigs (the overal review you can see on my profile and the number of deliveries completed).

Let’s say I delivered 20 artworks throug one of those Gigs, once I delete it, will I lose that history and have 20 deliveries less shown on my profile?

Thank you beforehand for reading my post, I hope I explained myself the right way 🙂

Please, help me if you can!


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Hi Nelson!
No your completed gig history will not be deleted from your gig profile.
The ratings that you have for these gigs will still be included in your overall rating shown on your main profile page.
Also your orders that were completed from these gigs will still be included as part of your delivered orders.
I hope this helps.
Kind regards.

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