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Advanced Fiverr Selling tips - Advice you never seen before


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I have read many articles on Fiverr selling tips which are simply the same old, such as be online, increase your response time, blah blah blah and you probably have heard that millions of time.

Although those are definitely true, I would like to share a few unique tips and tricks I got up my sleeve. Trust me, you have never heard of these advice before. Also, don’t just read the headline of each advice and run off, they aren’t that simple.

  1. Buyer Requests

I have gotten all my orders for my proofreading gig for my friend from Buyer Requests. What I have noticed is that when a buyer posts a request, it doesn’t get listed immediately. I live in Vancouver which lies within the Pacific Standard Time (PST), every day around 12am-1am and 4pm-5pm, Fiverr approves all the Buyer Request for the Buyers during these times. This is the perfect time to snatch up the Buyers since only 1-2 sellers had sent their offers versus 20-40 offers has been sent if you do it midday. Therefore your chances of a buyer viewing your gig are very low. I don’t know if this applies to other time zones, you’ll need to figure that part out.

2.Gig Description / Layout

Probably most of you typed up and designed your gig on a computer, yeah? It is an easy 15-minute process, right? To tell you the truth, I spent at least 4 hours typing and redesigning my gig to make it look compatible for both desktops and the Fiverr app. A lot of gigs look horrible when view on the Fiverr app since the Fiverr app adjusts the margins on your paragraphs it looks like a massive text message. Think about it, if you were to read this article without any proper indentation or spacing, your gonna give yourself a headache. Also as you may already know, most people use their phone more than a desktop.; so its important that both the web page and mobile versions of your gig looks nice!

3.Gig Photo

Maybe this is a pet peeve of mine but it makes sense to take note of this as well. Have you seen gig thumbnails with part of the photo cropped off? You can see this more clearly if the seller added text to the photo; where it is suppose to say “Proofread 5000 words” it is shown as “oofread 5000 wor”. So adjust your gig thumbnail and when designing a gig photo, make the offset and don’t just rely on how it looks in your gig page. The gig thumbnail is crucial to catch a buyer’s eye, it’s what they will see first when they browse for gigs.

4.Is your gig listed on Fiverr?

Recently, as of November 2016, I have encountered many sellers and myself on the forum having a problem finding their own gig on Fiverr. What was happening was their gig was NOT on Fiverr search index which means no one can find your gig unless they have a direct link to your gig. Keep in mind to exclude Buyer Request, since it’s essentially sending them a link to your gig. I had my gig ‘disappear’ for almost a week, and contacted Customer Support to resolve this. You can check if you are affected by this by using Fiverr filters that applies to your gig like “level 2 sellers”, “deliver in 24 hours”, etc to narrow down the listings instead of searching every page forever.

I hope you like these tips, please help keep this article alive by leaving a comment below! Thanks!

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