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Hi, after a while working as freelance, I just found Fiverr, So far it looks like a really cool website, so I said, what the hell, let’s give it a shot. I’m just looking for an extra income so that’s why I decided to create an account and hence my first gig.

I’m a professional, so I know I have the talent and the experience but at the same time I have little to no experience here, so I would like to ask you guys for any advice to start selling. As I said, I started a new gig and I’m planning to create another one about illustration since my main focus is Digital Art. But meanwhile I would like to know how do you guys think I could improve my gig to start here as a brand new seller, any advice would be pretty much appreciated.

Here’s the link: https://www.fiverr.com/arrtman/create-a-3d-typography-illustration

Thanks Beforehand!

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Hi arrtman,

First of all I welcome you here on Fiverr Planet.

I saw your profile and gig as well and I want to tell you that words will attract more clients so here are few tips for your profile:

  1. Add a good heading under your name, currently it is “Art is in my veins” (according to my point of view as an artist this heading is average).
  2. Give a Professional touch to Description of your profile (Note: You can take ideas from best seller’s profile but please do not copy at all, Fiverr system is very intelligent)
  3. Your Gig’s “https://www.fiverr.com/arrtman/create-a-3d-typography-illustration?utm_source=forum&utm_medium=community” description and heading is good but as a starter the price is too much, try to reduce it. I know as a professional this may hurt but this is marketing strategy here.
    After getting 10 orders or becoming level 1 seller you can increase the price
  4. At the starting stage focus on the impression rate of your gig that depends on the content, portfolio and so many other things of your profile.
  5. Also try to send offers to buyers through “buyer request” in the selling option.

I hope these points will help you for your fiverr journey.

Thank you and Happy Freelancing 🙂

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