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Starting anew


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I joined fiverr in 2012 and within a few months enjoyed almost 300 sales with subsequent positive reviews and was a comfortable Level 2.

Life and commitments got in the way however, and soon enough fiverr was no longer a feasible occupation considering the amount of time I was spending to earn the $4 per order completed. So I moved on and better things happened 🙂

Earlier this month I checked Fiverr out of curiousity and for old times’ sake, just to see how the site has grown. To my pleasant surprise the pricing structure has changed considerably, and it is now SO much easier to offer my services at prices that are a better match for quality.

Hence I’m back! I stupidly closed my old account, so here I am starting all over again.

My most popular gig back then was a round wedding stamp (you may have seen it around - at the time it was the only round-stamp-looking thingy gig on fiverr), so I’ve put it back up, and built my profile in this niche. I don’t know if it will ever take off the same way it did before (this place has become sooooo much more competitive now), or whether my newbie gigs will ever see the light of day, but hey it feels good to be clicking around the familiar Dashboard again, the to-do list, obsessively checking the numbers beside those little green arrows. Fiverr’s UI/UX has always been amazing from the start. I still don’t know the difference between impressions / clicks / views though.

Do visit my page and show some love 🙂 x

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