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What is called spamming?


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This is not directed at the OP but is for all those who think that spamming is Marketing/Promotion/A good idea.

Spamming is any kind of unsolicited contact. This includes:

  • Asking for orders
  • Asking for advice
  • Saying hello etc (because you are only saying “hello” in the hope that the person will order from you. Yes you are. Don’t lie, I know you are.)
  • Sending custom offers to people who have not asked for them
  • Sending Happy Christmas/New Year/Holidays/Easter/Valentines Day/Groundhog day etc wishes (see content of brackets above)
    A simple way to remember is to first ask yourself:
    "Did this person contact me about an order and is what I am saying related to that order?"
    If the answer is YES to both then send your message.
    If the answer is NO then do not send the message.
    “But the person had a nice, friendly and helpful post on the forum” - This is not an invitation to send them a message. You can respond to the post on the forum.
    “But I need help” - Ask your question in the CORRECT CATEGORY on the forum.
    “But nobody gave me good answers on the forum” - Place an order with someone who offers help as a gig.
    “I have tried everything but I still need help to get orders” - No you haven’t, read the academy stuff, read the millions of forum posts, take action, change your gigs/descriptions/pricing/tags/images/videos or other advice that is repeated ad infinitum here.
    There is no reason which is acceptable to contact another seller other than to buy something. Now read this comment repeatedly til it sticks!
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