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Hey Guys,
I really hope you all will be doing good.
Something happened with my Fiverr Profile that was so daunting and so Shocking that eventually, it lead to a buyer giving me a 1-star review.
Here’s what happened :

I joined Fiverr in October and till now all my buyers have given me 5-star ratings, they were 105 % satisfied with my Products, But on November 21, 2016, A buyer ordered my Explainer Video Gig with a message : “I am a Broker for Caell Cocial Real Estate Services. Our website is www.caldw*********.com I can send you more information if you email me at cgr****@gmail.com
We sell commercial real estate, lease, develop and advise."
You guys can see that he send me an email so I can contact “PERSONLLY” him Via Email, But Fiverr does not allow that due to which I was not able to send a personal message to the buyer whenever I clicked on “View discussion with c*******ffin in your inbox” i got a message saying "ca
***ffin may not be contacted at this time” I think this happened because the buyer gave me an email and Fiverr blocked Him from sending or receiving any messages at all. This affected me a lot because I keep asking the buyer to send me a script but I never got a reply, Now it was way past over delivery time.I was already Angry because again this is so unfair.I was doing so good on Fiverr and suddenly I woke up to a one-star review.Here is the Buyer’s Feedback “I never got any communication with the user and gave him my email multiple times to contact me. I would not recommend at all. I never got any product that I paid for. Would like a refund”. I was so sad when I saw this review because It was not due to my mistake it was the buyer who gave me an Emai and Fiverr Blocked Him but in the end, again it was me who got affected even though I did not make any mistake at all.All of my buyers are satisfied with my work ( You may as well check out my other reviews and you will know).

I have contacted CS and currently waiting for their reply.Let’s hope they remove the Review and it does not affect my Rating.

P.s : Yes I did offer the buyer a Refund and am currently waiting on his reply. Right now I am so sad because again AGAIN and AGAIN it is all so unfair.
Has anyone of you ever been in a similar situation if yes then please share your experience as well.
Thanks a lot

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