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Free custom website + logo for your business


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I am Nico, a designer and I am trying to create my portfolio from scratch.
For a limited time, I am offering completely free custom website + logo design for your business/shop.

Please note that this offer is only for newbies who don’t have any website yet. This offer is not for you if you already have a website and wants it to get redone.

Send me a message or add me on s***e if you are interested.
s***e id- goodisleweb

P.s. I will be showcasing the logo and website design in my portfolio. Make sure you don’t have any issue with this before contacting me.

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There are two things wrong with your post.

1.) You MUST sell your service starting at at least $5. You cannot offer your services for free here on Fiverr (unless you offer a free bonus in addition to the purchase price).

  1. You cannot solicit work outside of Fiverr. All work must be completed within the Fiverr platform.

As it stands right now, you are breaking two Fiverr rules that could get your account deleted. Follow the rules. Don’t try to get around them in order to gain sales.

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