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GIG PROMOTION - Some Effective tips for newbies


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Hi there. it looks great that you are looking for fiverr gig promotion.
Lot’s of you are trying to understand how you can promote your gig. I have described as much as i can here. Let’s read the full text deeply and let’s put your important opinion here.

  1. Facebook: you can share your fiverr gig on facebook fiverr groups with little text and some hash tags. It will increase some impression on your gig. Also if you have a good fan page with related to your gig. than it’s good to share your gig on that fan page… 🙂

  2. Twitter: this place is one of the best place to share your gig with hash tags. Hash tags will help best of best to show your tweet to a lot of people. try to post on twitter with photo. Also if you know the twitter advance search method than you can find more effective way to comment some tweet that are related to your gig… 🙂

3: GooglePlus: Share your gig on google plus publicly and also join some community that are related to your work. share your gig on that community and it will help you to increase your gig views and impression.

  1. LinkedIn: it’s little tricky to share your gig on linkedin. you can write a nice seo friendly article that’s include essential keywords related to your gig. Link your gig to that article and it will be a long time marketing in just one article … 🙂

  2. Web/Blog: If you have any web site or blog that’s more than great. You can write one effective seo friendly article with a number of keyword about your gig. put your gig link to that article and the reader can redirect to your gig and can see what you offer them… Also same for the blog. you can share that article on the same way as i described on 1,2,3,4.

  3. Forum: If you love to read and write a lot than you can search on google to find out some forum that are discussing some thing that are related to your gig. you can join that forum and can post your opinion also include your gig links.

I have described as much as i can to clear you for your gig promotion.

Please don’t try to spam on any place on the internet. Nobody likes the spammers and also that’s not work at all. Just do what i said here.

wish your best of luck.

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i have done this most of the time before but i haven,t seen any effective result as a label 1 seller my gig impression and views are too poor .my gig has gone to the last page but i always share my gigs on Twitter LinkedIn and Google + anyone else there who have an idea advice

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