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Getting new Buyers as a new seller


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Hi, I have looked at your profile and this is what pops up for me + some advices:

  • The Gig Banners aren’t very atractive;
  • The Copywriting Gig has a basic price of $90 and I will personal guarantee that no1 will ever buy from you, as a new seller - check top rated sellers pricing list (it might help);
  • You should include a FAQ section where you can answer at some questions that may help potential buyers to understand what they would get on this;
  • Start with $5 Gigs until you reach at least Lvl 1 Seller, than increase prices;
  • Pitch your gigs to friends and family and your social media;
  • Send offers on Buyer Request Section.
    This is my feedback. I hope this was helpful.
    Good luck, Alex.
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