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Monthly Local Citations Packages


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Webglobeseo is dedicated to providing an exceptional Citation Development service at an affordable price. We researched the packages that our partners offer. We found that the industry standard for SEO agencies that offer Local SEO Services for local business owners packages are monthly increments, which requires them to build links and citations on a monthly basis with the quantity dependent on the package.

This research has led us to offer Monthly Local Directory Citations Packages, thus allowing SEO agencies to coordinate the use of our service with the length of your contract with your client. You can easily set up a monthly citation campaign for all of your clients at CitationBuildingGroup.com. Neither the client’s location nor the quantity of citations required will affect the performance of our expert citation builders. Our monthly citation building services encompass all clients- big or small, no matter where they are located.

How it works!
Currently, we have a list of 400 working directories in the United State alone. 30 citations per month will be created, with durations available of 12 months for US based companies and 6 months for UK, Canada and Austalia based companies. One of our professional team members will assist you in selecting the perfect combination of citations and duration.

Once the perfect package is created, please fill in our order form with the business’s information. You can either place your order manually with us, we will email you our custom Business Information Template to fill out and send back, or just provide us with the necessary informatino using your own template. You can use the format that is easiest for you.

a monthly basis or Webglobeseo will send you a PayPal invoice at the beginning of each month if your order was created manually. Our team members are always available to assist you in managing your account and answering any questions you may have.

All SEO agencies are invited to explore our packages; we are sure you will find we offer perfect solutions.It only takes a few minutes to set up your account, don’t waste another minute, and contact us now.

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