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Reviews left for buyers should be visible on their profile


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If you go to other platforms like UW then sellers can see a much more information about the buyers.

  • reviews from other sellers
  • what kind of gigs they have purchased before
  • how much they have spent

I can manage without purchase history, but reviews should be visible.
I know this has been discussed before, but I’ll surface it once more 🙂

Note: Ideally, I would love to see a page where all these recommendations are listed and people can vote. Then it would be easy to see which suggestions made it, which didn’t and which ones will come in the future. This list would reduce the number of duplicate posts and show how many of these suggestions actually make an impact.

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+1 from me for ‘reviews from other sellers’, the other points I´m not so sure about, that might infringe buyers’ privacy too much, they cant see how much sellers have earned either, what kind of gigs my buyers bought from other sellers isn´t really any of my business either, though I understand your logic there of course.

Voting for suggestions is a generally very good idea! Especially as now the ‘like-buttons’ are gone too for good as it seems 😉

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In early days we could see buyers profile reviews same as buyers can see our reviews but later it was disappeared.

Personally, I like if fiverr implement a rating system for buyers also. So sellers can be aware of bad buyers. Because there are some buyers who expect everything under the sun just for $5. Even if we give them more than 150% they will never satisfy and they will leave a negative review :head_bandage:.

Therefore, if sellers can see buyers profile rating (just like buyers can see our rating) that would be great.

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