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If these stats are from last 30 days, then it could be that you have a tough competition or your gig description needs some work.

You’ve been a member since 2015 and you only have 1 review. Maybe you need to hire someone to write an engaging description. There are plenty of writers in Fiverr who can do this for you.
If this is not an option due to limited resources, then continue reading Fiverr Academy and Fiverr Community.

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Hi , i am hiren dihora from india and here i am a 2nd level seller , i was seen your gigs and i caught some points like

  1. your keyword strength (choose keyword user friendly)
  2. your titles (gig title is non-searchable so buyer was never attract)
  3. bit close in content but need improvement…

just make it three things first and attract your buyers 🙂

best of luck for fiverr journey(Y)

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