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Needed advice for order Acceptance


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i have placed a request so designers can propose to it, the request deliverables and conditions are varying so i will focus on some selected deliverables,
1-logo, envelopes, letterhead, business cards.
2-design source files (AI)

the designer is refusing to send me the source files unless i accept the full order then he promises to send them, while form my point of view i should receive the whole order and do a quality check of all the deliverables including the source files before accepting the order, taking into consideration that the designer sent images for the logo, envelopes, letterhead, business cards are satisfactory.

my question, which step should be done first? accepting the order then receive the source files or receive the source files then accepting the order.

i have tried to check the knowledge base but didn’t find something straight forward answer

appreciate your prompt response and reply so i can close the order.

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That’s a good question and I was thinking about it just a few months ago myself. I don’t have any stats on this to say which one is more common, but I accepted the order before getting the source files.

Designers hold on to their source files because as soon as they hand over AI files they have no guarantee that they will get paid. Although even that doesn’t offer 100% guarantee.
There are plenty of cases where a buyer got their source files, said that these were not good enough, demanded cancellation and got a free logo. Sad thing is that Fiverr CS cannot do anything about it, especially if a buyer used a PayPal account and canceled it on PayPal side.

If you did your homework and found a seller who you can trust, then it shouldn’t be a problem to accept the order. The bottom line is that if there is a problem with the source files then you can get the order canceled through CS. (Fiverr CS offers much better protection for buyers than for sellers)

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thank you for your answer, actually i dont know the designer and since we had many arguments and debates regarding the quality, response time, wrong delivery, …etc i am not comfortable with the option of accepting the order before getting the source files…
its really bad from fiverr that no clear guidelines are available for such important step.

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Hello iyounis! I’m a graphic designer with over six years experience but I’m a fresh seller on fiverr. I design logo, stationery, banner, business card, flyer etc. I can help you do your job perfectly, feel free to check my portfolio and contact me.


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answer to this post in details can be found in this link (answered by Fiverr support team).

Matt 23-11-2016 at 13:05
Hello Ibrahim,
Thank you for following up with us regarding this. I will gladly answer your inquiry 🙂 The best way of going about this would be to directly explain to your seller that you will not (and also, you should not) accept the delivery unless the delivery contains all of the files that you paid for in the Order #FO79292F15B2 which would mean the Source Files as well.
The seller should not be rushing the delivery if all of the files are not ready to be delivered. However, please note that even if somehow the order gets marked as complete and not all files are delivered, there is a 13 day grace period during which the seller does not receive the funds from this order and it is during these 13 days that Customer Support can intervene accordingly.
Hopefully this explains it a bit and if you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to ask.
Kind Regards
Matt | Fiverr Customer Support

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That’s the kind of answer I was expecting from CS, because there isn’t a proper process in place to protect designers. So I do understand why some of them try to hold on to their source files until they get paid.

At the end of the day, it’s your call. You can demand the source files and most likely you’ll get them because eventually seller needs to give up. They can’t afford a bad review and they already did the work, so it wouldn’t make sense to walk away from it without getting paid. If they don’t give up then CS will take care of it and they will still lose.

The reason why I wanted to reply to this thread was to explain that not every designer is a scammer just because they hold on to their source files until they get paid. It’s just their way of protecting themselves until Fiverr comes up with a better solution.

Let us know how did it end 🙂

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Okay so here’s what I think is going on.
Some buyers are scammers who ask for everything, reject the order, cause a fuss and generally irritate the seller to the point that the seller agrees to refund the order. However, if the seller has given the source file, it is often the case that the buyer is refunded but still uses the work. This is dishonest, as it’s essentially stealing customized work.

Sellers defend themselves by sending mock ups of the world in a different form, such as a jpeg or png or something else. Once the buyer says “Yes, I like this.” they deliver all the files. That way, if the buyer later rejects the order the seller can tell Customer Support that the buyer did like the work (as proven by screenshots of the conversation) and Customer Support will not allow the scamming buyer to get a refund.

This may be the case for your seller, as it doesn’t sound like your buyer mentioned any ratings. They didn’t say “I’ll give you the source file once you complete the gig and rate it 5 stars.” That’s against the Terms of Service and a seller can be booted from the site for that (and it’s a scammy seller who is holding hostage your files for a good review). It seems that your seller may just be guarded and didn’t explain themselves.

In general, it’s appropriate to never mark an order as complete unless you’re satisfied or the seller has told you they are done working on your project (like you request a revision, they refuse it, so the order is complete by their standards).

Hope that helps explain things. Sellers are VERY careful about their work; we don’t want to be scammed just as much as you!

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