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I am level 1 seller , why my sale is so slow?


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Well I am also Level 1 seller but I have some decent clients which orders me like regularly.

The reason behind it because I give them more as I was a newbee.I knew that If I Give them more what they want then they will definitely get back to me or stick with me.

So that’s what is happening right now. 🙂

I am getting pretty much decent orders from my old clients.

But there are also some methods to get orders

but for me this method works pretty fast and effectively !

Hope you have success and take care 🙂 <3

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@jonbass made a nice topic recently, have a look-
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Stop complaining. You don't deserve anything. You EARN it

I posted this as a response to a topic, but I think it needs its own thread. So, I've re-posted this (with some additions) so that more "entitled" sellers see it, and refocus their flawed ideas about selling here on Fiverr. To those who are...

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