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SEO Seller ******* Threatening My Website For Neg Review!


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Fiverr for the most part is a great service. Recently I’ve purchased some SEO services. One gig was delivered and couldn’t of been further from what was described. That gig was sold by *******.

My review - “Does not deliver anything like they say they will. Links are very poor quality. Promises domain authority of 80+, you get around 30. No .GOV. EDU, Tumblr etc as advertised. All from some very strange URL’s and sub domains. Aimed at people who don’t know any better. Dont trust this service at all”

the review is fair and honest based on what was delivered. In lamens terms it was like promising gold and delivering dirt. It wasn’t slightly off, it wasn’t half right, it was all bad. The service, like I say, is designed for people who don’t know better and aren’t able to double check what ****** has delivered.

Anyway, we got into it, ***** offered a refund which I declined, we had a bit of a convo, ***** first said I was confused and didn’t understand, I rebutted with facts and eventually ******* admitted that I was right. By this time I had placed my review and wasn’t prepared to spend anymore time in a back and forth with someone I didn;t trust. I would rather leave as is and walk away.

***** sent me message admitting that I was right and that they didn’t complete the correct gig. They asked if they could cover their mistake. I never replied, I was done with this situation.

This was on the 29th October.

My website yesterday received an email through the contact form from *****. This is what they said. “remove lies feedback from fiverr gig or site will be negative seo for month”

First of all, there are no lies - as accepted from *******, they accepted and admitted their mistake. it is in writing, they cannot deny this now.

So what do I do here? I am not too concerned by their threats but I am concerned by their general behaviour.

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Firstly you are not supposed to name sellers on the Forum - it’s too open to abuse.
The only logical thing to do is to contact customer support. Use screenshots of every communication mentioned above to support what you say. The key is to be clear and concise while including RELEVANT details. Customer Service will not tell you anything about what they are going to do but they do act when claims are backed up with evidence.
And remember: No matter how good the sales copy is - rubbish backlinks are still rubbish backlinks.

They have a scary number of sales if your claims are true…

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The seller isn’t supposed to threaten my website either. If there was any uncertainty as to where the message had come from, then I would agree with your point. However, I know EXACTLY where this threat has come from and I am incensed! Disgusting behavior from the seller involved. A Rockstar seller! Wow… Google their name followed by scam. Makes for interesting reading, yet they are apparently the pinnacle of what this site offers.

Yes, all is backed up by evidence.

And yes, you are right, we won’t be using a backlink service again. Probably won’t be using Fiverr again…

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Obviously they shouldnt do that and that should also be reported. It’s unlikely that they will do anything, why would they waste their time? I am familiar with the seller and have been regularly asked about them on Quora where Fiverr is one of my “specialist topics”. I am also familiar with what is written about them elsewhere.
Be aware that people who dont deliver what they claim are not exclusive to Fiverr. Shutting off the possibility of working with tens of thousands of people because of one bad experience is not particularly smart. If you go looking for cheap SEO and backlink services anywhere else you are likely to have the same experience. The issue is not the platform but the service you are looking for and the price you are trying to pay for it.
Not speaking specifically about the seller you mentioned but in general, why would sellers who claim they can rank any site in a short time not just set up an Amazon affiliate site, get it to rank for lots of high ticket items and then pretty much never have to work again? It does not make sense that these sellers who say they can do what many (myself included) say is impossible sell this service for $5-50 when they would make so much more in other ways -IF THEIR CLAIMS WERE TRUE.
Those kind of services may have worked 3-5 years ago but search engines are smarter now, mass links are negative.
I had a similar situation with a seller some time back. The seller’s TRS status was removed shortly after my complaint. Fiverr does take action when proof is provided. My post about the experience is below.

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Ok I get what you’re saying - and it is a point I made in my original post. These guys are targeting people who don’t know better. I unfortunately didn’t but I do now.

But again, I didn’t just purchase the first one I found. The gig is recommend by Fiverr, they are a Rockstar seller and have over 60,000 completed gigs and a 5 star review. I was duped by this also.

I note that if a seller receives a poor review, a refund is given and feedback removed automatically by Fiverr? Surely then, this is a flawed rating system that is easily played - and so some of the responsibility definitely lies with Fiverr.

Its not the poor quality of the gig that has me so annoyed though, its the threat. It’s left me gob smacked.

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I agree with you. I believe TRS should be held to a higher standard. When the seller consistently does not live up to that standard then the status should be removed. Explaining all of that to CS is important. Posting on the Forum about it will do very little. Soon the name will be starred out so it won’t serve as a warning to anyone. CS are the only ones who can deal with this effectively, hopefully they will.

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