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Improving impressions - what does it really mean? Searchability?


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Well, this must have been brought up like a thousand times already, and I do know no/low impressions do not translate to no sales (just ask my best seller with two sales!!). However, having no ‘searchability’ as is my situation right now is equally desperate. Even when I search my moniker on here in the search engine, I don’t “find” myself.

If you’ve read this far (PLEASE?) don’t leave yet…

My question is how do I improve my searchability, or is it something about fiverr having technical issues?

Trust me when I say I’m not here to whine about having no jobs and all (nah!! I’m not one of those), but while I keep the hustle real in the buyer request section and on social media (at least that yields some result with hard work - and prayer?), I still need to have some form of ‘visibility’ so I can be “found” without always having to drag anyone down myself.

Thanks for listening to this.

Now suggestion time, please…

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Hi, to increase the visibility of your gig(s) in search results, do the following:

  • give your gig a descriptive and short title

  • Give you gig a good description with keywords buyers are likely going to type when searching for a related service e.g professional content writer etc

  • Add tags related to the service you offer to your gigs.

Hope this helps. Success

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