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What can i do ?!


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Hello; so, obviously, getting customers is no easy thing as a newbie (take it from me).
A few things you can do to get started is to create a few different social media accounts, and promote your gigs from there.

Consider it a bonus, because online business is rough a first, I’ll send out a few notices about your gigs. Hopefully, that’ll help you get some customers. 🙂

Good luck!

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I think you should ask a friend to purchase one order from you. This is how i got started, aldo I’m still at the beginning, this got me sales. You should pitch your new side job (freelancing) to anyone that you know. It’s likely that at least one person who you know to need your service.
Try to share on social media, on fiverr groups and where do you think it might work.
I think you also need another Covers for your gigs, more appealing.
Another suggestion for you is to diversify your gigs, not just for proofreading, because there’s lots of things that you actualy could do knowing these 3 languages.
Be creative, look around and I’m sure that you will have succes, specialy that you are in a not so competitive field.

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