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When your Brain says: NO MORE FIVERR!


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So, my average bed time recently has slipped to the abhorrent hour of 4am. Usually I finish work and revisions at 3am, before watching an hour of anything sci-fi on my equivalent to Nexflix.

Needless to say, I don’t sleep super well afterward, however, last night really took the pee. For most of the night/early morning, I was tossing and turning with worry because of a mental nightmare in which I was late on delivering an explainer video to a Cardassian stranded in the Delta Quadrant, who wanted to use it to help sell Starfleet Quantum Torpedos.

Then when that was over, I drifted off into some bizarre Fiverr inbox nightmare where all my messages were late and all my clients were moaning about how awful I am to work with.

Now obviously, this is my head saying “whoa… you’ve got Fiverr on the brain sonny boy, and what on earth are you watching so much Star Trek for?”

Sadly, though, I don’t have time to give either up at the moment. In this case, what’s to be done???

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I’d actually be fine if I could sleep in until 1. However, even if I go to bed at 5, my body is programmed somehow to refuse to let me sleep past 10am.

I think the only viable solution might be to get an intravenous drip off Ebay, fill it with coffee and guarana and walk around all day saying, “no, I’m not terminally ill, I’m just a freelancer.”

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Woah, llisten to the signals your body is giving you!!
IF you can afford to do so, once you are done with the pending gigs, go on vacation more for 2 days or so.
I used to be that do-something-Fiverr-related-everyday-ALONG-with-my-full-time-job person, I kept telling myself I can do this,
I need to do this while I can…but then one day I just thought hey, you know what, I’m tired.
I put my gigs on vacation mode for just 3 days, I did nothing related to Fiverr, all I did was watch Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.
And get enough sleep. Took a walk outside. 3 days later, I was ready go back to work.
Just make sure have that one day ( or two) where you do absolutely NOTHING work-related.

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I think as a seller, I do make a routine for my works. I’m doing study also. Every day need to go unversity, then return to home. And then do the works for my clients. Little hard for me sometimes to maintain. But, I do bed around 1-2 am. If any message, order comes in around my offline times, I deliver and reply those message to next day. I think, wake up late is very bad habit as well as hamper too much our body. I had worked like 4am and continous all the day, after few months, I faced many problems, like high blood pressure. back pain. Eye pain sometimes.

I realize I need to make a routine so I make it and take break in every hours.

Don’t fight with brain, make schedule, hope you will make it. 🙂

Thank you.

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Yay! Another “The Walking Dead” fan! I don’t care what Fiverr says as every Sunday night at 9 Fiverr goes off and Rick and Michonne go on!!!

Aside from my love of that show I have Fiverr on the brain constantly. As soon as I hit deliver work my brain is on edge fearing the buyer will not like the work and leave me a nasty review to just wake up and see a 5-star review with excitement from the buyer for the work I did - meaning, I wasted precious hours that could’ve been spent sleeping worrying about my quality of work for nothing.

I need to learn a Fiverr/Sleep/Life balance before I lose my shyte. I’m getting there. I just came back from a 3-day vacation mode for Thanksgiving and I feel better than before. I needed the break and the tons of food.

Take care, Trekkie (to the OP)!

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