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How do I find out what I need


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I have put a web site together using Wordpress.I’m happy with how it looks and what it is saying about what I am selling.I know very little about all this so I know that there are things that I could or should do to get found when people are looking for what I am selling .
What do I look for here ? I don’t want someone to rewrite all the tex as it will not look or sound like me .
Any help would be useful.


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Like any business, you need a plan how to promote your business.
Your website is an online business and you need to promote it. Think about the search engines (Google, Bing) like they are huge shopping malls with lots of stores, all wanting to attract customers. To show up in search engines, you need the right kind of promotion. The stores at the entrance of a shopping mall will pay a lot for that position, the same is true of showing up in the first pages of search engines. To show up in the first pages of Google and Bing, it will take the time and effort of professionals in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is not something you can do with a quick and cheap order, although many here claim it is - they may even offer impossible to enforce, money back guarantees. Many companies pay hundreds and thousands of dollars per month to achieve this success, it is not simple but it is do-able and you are well advised to learn as much as you can about it as well as choosing experts who know what they are doing.
If you really have no idea what to do and what is required then I suggest that picking and choosing different services on Fiverr is not a good idea - many can do more harm than good. You need to do your homework, understand what is needed, what is good and what is bad.
Alternatively, you can hire someone to do this whole thing for you. This requires a lot of trust between you and them. Essentially, you will be handing over the “keys to the store” and asking the person to make your site popular. As you should now understand, this is a big job - it will cost money. Discuss the options with the person you choose and make sure they explain EXACTLY what they will do and why. Then, make a decision and stick with the person for a number of months which is how long it will take to begin to see real results.
Be extremely careful about people offering massive results for low prices - you are in business, you must know that it doesn’t work like that. Be realistic. Also remember that while $5 might be worth more in some parts of the world than others, know that it is not going to cover the vast amount of work that goes into PROPERLY optimizing a site for search engines no matter where in the world the person is.

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