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New arrivals have no change


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Hi forum members,

I think that fiverr must thinking about a place for new arrivals spotlight on the homepage.

At this moment, new arrivals have no change opposite the top rated sellers and featured gigs. Buyers go to top rated sellers ans the new arrivals have o change.

I think it’s nice to create a place on the homepage for selected new arrivals. There a lot of new arrivals that sell good things and services.

For example 4, 8 or 12 new arrivals on the homepage

Sorry for my bad english I’m working on it. I’m dutch…

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I was a new arrival once. My original gigs failed miserably and I got absolutely no precious sells.

In this case, I had two choices:

a. I could offer something different, learn how to tweak my gigs to rank higher in searches and use the meagre sells I did have to build something like a reputation.

Or b:

I could find anyone who would listen and say I deserved preferential treatment in regard to Fiverr search results.

Now, which option do you think I an every other seller opted for?

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Congratulations! Of course, it was b. Now, please select your prize.

By answering correctly you’ve qualified for either:

A free Maltese potato & carrot stew package

An imaginary world tour in an imaginary hot air balloon

An all expenses paid (aside from airfare) 2 week stay with Writer99025 in Bangalore

What takes your fancy?

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I would like to take c), as terrorizing writer while being waited on hand and foot by servants and moaning on the forum about no mek sells seems like a lifestyle I can only dream of at this moment in time. But if I could experience it for just two short weeks, my life would be complete and I could die a happy woman.

When do I book the flight?

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@emmaki book your flight anytime you like. It must be said that Writer should probably not be made aware of your arrival in advance. Also, you should perhaps arm yourself with a crowbar in order to gain entry to your lodgings rather than relying on a key. However, the trip itself is guaranteed to be a truly life changing experience.

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@djgodknows This is an interesting proposition. I’ve thought a few times about opening my home to couch surfers and I might even be taking in a lodger from Pakistan in January.

The only problem is that I think I am pretty damned difficult to live with. Late nights, generally being used to my own system when it comes to doing the dishes and whether to wear clothes or not.

Also, I’ve just got a new apartment with only one bathroom (my last had three and it felt silly in the end), now, though, I’ve realized that I need at least 2 bathrooms because of all kinds of stranger germ phobias I never knew I had.

Then there is my weird decor. In fact, my new apartment has already started to look a little shamanic, and even I’m now finding it strange explaining to people how the bundle of wires and crystals hanging from my ceiling is actually there to keep ghosts away and cure headaches.

Are all single white male freelancers like this or am I just getting really really odd?

Anyway, stick around on the forum and I might take you up on this Bangladesh business one day.

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I hope you are not being serious about the lodger.
But you should try listing yourself up on Airbnb. It’s the hottest thing in the market now and if you can spare a decent bedding w some decent wifi, you’ll be set.

But would definitely advise you to setup some kinda nanny cam, in case you may not be present at home all day etc.

Sure “Bro”, you’re welcome to come by BD, I don’t live in the capital, rather by the sea, so my city might be a better spot to have look-see anyways. Heck, if you don’t like it you can take quick flight out to Myanmar or Bhutan.

Did anyone ever tell you, that you look like Dane Cook? Or is it just the profile picture…?

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Bah, Airbnb is too much work. I have noted the Greek landlord tactic of old, rundown appt buildings rented out to Albanians/Bulgarians/Pakistanis/other cheap labor. Got a 10-room building? Cool, charge 250 a month per room and collect the cash all year round with virtually no effort other than grudgingly fixing a burst pipe every other year while pocketing most of that under-the-table €30k.

Even better, unlike AirBnB, they’re not after the “experience” or needing you to clean a room. All the womenfolk clean hotel rooms for half the year so they’ll keep it spotless as the lads are handy-dandy with DIY repairs.

If only I had the means to purchase such a building. I’d never have to work again and could airbnb around the world myself.

I just wasted a whole 2 hours looking at places on airbnb. There’s a lovely remote cabin in the Faroe Islands for like 1300 euro a month, but no bathroom. The bathroom’s 14 miles away at the only gym on the island.

It made me wonder about the toilet facilities, but that was not expanded on. You see, you’re paying all that money to have a 19th century authentic Faroese peasant experience, as all mod cons are gone (yes, no internet! DEALBREAKER)

But yes, of course, if I ever were to chance in an area of the world where I knew a Fiverrer, I would ask for a meetup. We could go to a bar and bit ch about everything without fear 😉

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