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Safety Reminder - All Sellers


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Hello Fiverr Community,

This is a reminder to be vigilant while conducting business on Fiverr.

Just recently, a custom order request came to us in the below format:

“I have a book I need proofreading for, approximately 85.000 words. The level of English is very good as it is. I´ll attach a sample chapter. Also, time is not an issue, a few weeks to a month would be fine. Please get back to me with a good quote. Email to xxx.yyyy@gmail.com preferred.”

In addition - the attachment sent was not in a document file format such as “PDF, MS Word, etc.”, but rather an executable file (.exe) - meaning it will pretty much run a program on your PC.

  • 1st Red Flag: Person requested a response to an email address. [All communication and details should be relayed within the Fiverr platform]
  • 2nd Red Flag: Person attached a file which has no relation to the type of work requested. In other words, running that ‘.exe’ file could launch a Virus on your PC and incur major damage.

Simply put - Maintain caution at all times, whether it’s a slow / rush period.

✩ Speedy876 ✩

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Never RUN .exe files on PC… also be careful when download big files more than 150 MB from some other platforms outside fiverr… As fiverr does not allow uploading file greater than 150, as designer I come across bigger files sometimes, which proof readers do not, but i keep my eyes wide open when downloading such files…

Thank you Speedy…

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