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Tips To Choose a Best Seller (From a Buyer and Seller)


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Though it is hard to choose a better seller for your project here on fiverr due to higher competition.
i have completed 1000+ jobs on fiverr also purchased number of gigs of my needs, nd even as a successful seller it hard to me to choose right one for my needs. So here are the some tips

*Always choose an old seller
Old seller means having a Strong portfolio with good reviews and response rate, where you can also check their previous jobs done & samples. However it doesn’t mean that never go for new seller. Every good seller was a new seller but you can ask new seller for there previous work.

*Take a start with small price then go for more

*Always contact to seller in inbox to discuss your project.

*Some sellers use fake stuf for their gigs and use fake reviews so beware of them.

*Be good with your seller, and communicate politely this may give you something extra from seller

*Always choose seller who are offering unlimited revisions till your satisfaction

*Always go for those who ensure you for refund (if not satisfied )

Hope it helps you.
thank you!

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I agree with you on several of these points. I buy and sell also. One thing I don’t agree with is unlimited revisions. Many experienced sellers cannot do this. Their accounts would fail when a difficult buyer insists on many revisions when it isn’t even the fault of the seller. Most sellers do offer an extra for either single or multiple extra revisions, so the buyer can get a cheap deal without lots of free revisions or pay more as needed.

I see plenty of new sellers offering extra free revisions which is great for attracting sales. Buyers can choose accordingly. I don’t believe there is really much chance any sellers will literally do unlimited revisions even if they list it.

Sooner or later they have to say no more. If they promised unlimited revisions and they do 8 hours of free revisions for a $5 gig, the buyer can insist on cancellation when the seller does say no. Then there is no money, no review and 8 hours lost. This is just another point of view for buyers and sellers to consider.

The other thing that I personally don’t guarantee or expect when I buy is a 100% promise to refund for any reason the buyer gives. I do give refunds if I cannot complete a job or realize the buyer and I can’t meet in the middle. I expect a refund from sellers who cannot deliver as promised. The problem arises when a buyer does get what they paid for but then ask for a refund with just “not happy” as the reason, or give a reason about just changing their minds. So, I’m not a big advocate of a wide-open refund policy.

These are just my own thoughts on it. The other points I mostly agree on and either way I’m not saying my ideas are all right and the OP is all wrong. 🙂

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Generally good advice except for the unlimited revisions and refund points.

Offering unlimited revisions and guaranteed refunds are ridiculous concepts, generally peddled by those who are desperate for sales (being desperate for sales is not usually a good thing. Great sellers are generally not desperate).
I will not refund without an exceptionally good reason after delivery.
Revisions should be done within reason, if they make sense and/or if the seller has made an error. I do not offer any revisions as standard but will do any amount of them subject to the condition above. Buyers who are professional will also know that any business offering unlimited revisions and refunds is at best - suspicious, at worst deceptive.
If sellers do the work, they should be paid. If a buyer does not like the work or is somewhat unhappy with it then clearly communicating the issues to the seller should ensure they will fix it. Buyers should be aware that if the problem is due to the lack of detail supplied or a change of mind then the seller is completely entitled to refuse/charge more for those changes.

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