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I am level 1 seller but now i am not getting a single order


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Well, here is my 2 cents

  1. Change your profile picture to a real human picture that looks nice. I believe buyers want to see that they are actually buying from a real human.

  2. Make use of buyer request section. Try to be among the first 5 or at worst first 10 sellers to apply for a new job in this section. The earlier, the better. To achieve this, try to study the time frame when new orders are posted and always be on line at this time too apply for the jobs.

  3. Like I said above, always be online. This will make it possible to easily close deal with any potential buyer as they won’t have to wait for you to come online at a later time before replying their messages

  4. Look at the best seller in your category, copy their tags and use as your tags. This is allowed.

  5. Be friendly with potential buyers and communicate warmly. Make them feel at home with you.

  6. If you try all these and nothing yet, then be flexible, and change what you are offering, DIVERSIFY. Look for services on fiverr with high demand and see if it’s what you can do, then create gigs on them. Even if you think you can’t do them, take time to learn them.

  7. Finally, be patient. I was here on fiverr for more than ONE YEAR without any success. But I kept holding and trying out different things until I had a breakthrough.

I wish you the BEST…NEVER GIVE UP!!!

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