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Reporting for illegal or advertising \'buyer requests\'


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Hi all

This has long been an issue from what I have read on the forums here. Let’s face it, the ‘buyer requests’ section is in quite a mess at the moment as most sellers will tell you.

We need a feature where the community can moderate the requests to some degree.

On my screen at the moment I see about 75% seller adverts, and much of the rest are people asking for illegal activities, such as hacking email accounts, social media accounts, DDoS-ing websites, unlocking stolen phones to name a few.

This makes the whole buyer request page a pretty useless tool for us sellers to find work.

I realize the Fiverr team don’t have the resources to moderate and review each and every request so I propose that they could add a reporting function. Clicking a report option would allow someone to mark it under a certain category such as “illegal”, “spam”, “against terms of service” for example. Then, once a gig has been reported say 5 times, it will be flagged for review by a Fiverr moderator (but still remain visible on the page), and if reported 10 times it will be hidden from the requests page and/or deleted. Repeat offenders could also be penalized in some way.

Also, it would be useful to show a notice in bold above the “post request” form stating something along the lines of “Are you a seller advertising your services? You cannot advertise here”.

The buyer requests page can and should be a valuable asset to the Fiverr website, and with some simple changes it can be very beneficial, however in it’s current form is it barely usable.

Please advise me if these suggestions could be taken into account or suggest alternative ways to clean up the mess that gets posted on there?

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