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Finally ! Reached to Level 2 in 2 months


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A few days ago, I received a notification you have reached to level 2.
it was great news for me.
I remember I received my first order on 31 September.
And after some time level 1 and then Level 2.

I always deliver more than I promise on my gig description,
And not a single negative review yet.

I have faced many issues, But Thank you so much to Fiverr support team.
they helped me a lot.

During this journey , I faced many issues ,
one of the bad experience was gig denied. - Fiverr review team denied my 3 gigs.

but I learned from my mistake and follow fiver Rules.
Now Next Goal - Top Rated Seller,
Any Suggestion ? Then Comment here.

Anyway, There is one simple step I follow.
Check this tips and advice

Check this before publishing new gig.

Share your experience .
Looking Forward to hearing your experience.
Thank you.

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