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If you mean you want to hire a seller to make an animated cartoon type thing for a Christmas video, there are lots of options. I just looked in https://www.fiverr.com/categories/video-animation/animated-characters-modeling. If you don’t use the link, you can get there by going to fiverr.com and click on the Video & Animation category. The one I found was in the subcategory Animated Characters & Modeling.

I saw one pretty quickly that had a title with something like this in it: “video ANIMATED 3D cartoon with two faces” and it looked like it might be what you wanted. There were several others with the same keywords, so you could search for those keywords (with or without the 3D) and I think you’ll find more. Many video creators are not voiceover artists, so read carefully. You can choose someone who offers both video and voiceover, or you can just order the video with no sound and then go to the voiceover category and hire someone who does cartoon voices to read your script for the video.

You can also put a short description of your need in https://www.fiverr.com/users/ottawahandc/manage_requests and post it for sellers to bid on. That method is called Buyer Requests and you will probably get a lot of responses, but if you use that method use some caution. Some inexperienced users may send you a request even though they don’t have the skills, so be sure to read their gigs and see how many good reviews they have.

Take care not to spend too much if this is your first time to buy a gig. If something goes wrong you could get a refund in most cases but will get it as Fiverr credit, so you want to learn the ropes with a gig that won’t tie up too much of your money. How much money really depends on you. If you end up buying the voice part separately, keep in mind the same thing for both gigs.

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