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I put a few gigs up on Fiverr a few months ago as a lark and didn’t really expect anything out of it. Nothing did until last week when someone ordered a couple of vocal impersonations-for this gig it was Tom Waits. I did these, she loved them, and it has inspired me to make a push for more work here. I’m trying to edit gigs and add gigs and could probably use some advice. For instance, sometimes when I edit a gig, the changes don’t show up. Is there some kind of time lag between edits and when it actually shows?

I’m going to post some videos since that seems to be a favored format. What I like about Fiverr is that there is room for the offbeat and humorous. Other freelancing sites can be so serious; I understand why, but I like the casual element of Fiverr.

Success everyone,


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