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How to get orders as I am new to Fiverr


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I have created a gig(WordPress) before 4 moths and it got one order.After that I haven’t got a single order.And before 3 days I created another gig related to eBay API work.

As I am new to fiver I can’t get orders.So will you guys help me getting some?

Let me tell you I share my gigs on social media everyday that too for 4-5 times.

Here is my Profile link : https://www.fiverr.com/latechsys

Thanks a ton in advance

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Check buyer requests daily. You might be able to land a job there.

Also add a few more gigs. Is there anything else you can offer?

Try new things with your gig for example swap out the image to attract more attention or what about adding a video?

You are talking about a demo theme but there is no demo just imagines. I would strongly recommend to add a video to showcase your talent.

Also your gig profile and description could use a proofreading ;).

Finally it takes time to get going on Fiverr. Have patience and just enjoy the process. Good luck with everything!

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