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Back to the drawing board


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Hi everyone!

I am an active seller on Fiverr for about a month now. Yesterday I found out that one of the other sellers took my gig cover and presented it as her own. So I contacted Customer Support, send the source file as proof that the design is mine and requested of them to remove her photo (I didn’t want anything else). And they did… for about an hour. Then they denied my gig… for some reason and released hers. I suppose she contacted them also and said something I am not aware of. Doesn’t matter. Yesterday I was so confused that I contacted Customer Support one more time with the same request + the request to release my gig. Needless to say that didn’t work… 😃
So I got myself denied the gig that was most successful for me (around 10 reviews - not many, but as I said I am new).

The frustrating thing is not that somebody took my design and used it for free. The frustrating thing was that this person is level 2 seller and has more customers than I do.
I always read about stories when new sellers take the gig covers of successful ones. And what happens when it is the other way around?

I am not angry… I will make myself another gig with another cover. Because evidently I can… I mean after all the other designer liked my cover for herself. I must do something right 😃

But what if that happens again? What if now I make myself another gig with another cover and again someone just take it…? Am I not supposed to contact Customer Support? Is there anyway to protect my gig covers? Or just to accept the fact that this happens when you work online?

Also does having a denied gig affect my future on fiverr in any way?

Thank you for letting me share my story. If you have some wisdom on how to prevent my gig pictures from getting stolen it would be very helpful. 🙂


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