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Fiverr to Paypal withdraw problem


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approve my account on Paypal. So I started withdrawing on Fiverr. I tried to use the second option, but there’s no Ukraine option on Payoneer(So it’s not working for me)

Good news: your revenue in the amount of $72 was sent to your PayPal account. Please be aware that funds may take a few days to appear in your PayPal balance.

So I waited 6 days for withdrawing and nothing happened, It still shows 72$ + 76$(That I got after 6 days of work).
After that I thought the first thing I should do is to ask the support.

Javier Today at 21:07
Hello there,
Thank you for contacting us today. I have looked into your attempted withdrawals and there seems to be an issue with your PayPal account.
Please contact PayPal for more information and make sure your account is verified.

So I asked Paypal and they told me on a long email that this issue is caused by Fiverr. Okay, I was confused now.My Paypal was already approved, so I asked the support again. And this is the actual message:

Javier Today at 22:43
I am sorry you are still experiencing issues with making a withdrawal. I have checked again and we are unable to send funds to your PayPal account. Please make sure you are able to receive payments from Israel.
I do see that you have submitted an application to set up a bank transfer through Payoneer. Please keep us updated if you are unable to withdraw by bank transfer once the application is approved.

The first thing is, that it’s funny because I’m not leaving in Israel and the are thing is that:

Matt Monday at 08:53
Hi there,
thank you for contacting us regarding this. I am sorry that you are experiencing issues withdrawing your funds. Unfortunately there is not much that we can do in situations such as we have certain providers for Withdrawing Funds.
I did notice that you recently setup a PayPal account with your Fiverr account and that you are currently waiting for the 24h security period to clear, once it clears you should be able to easily withdraw your funds 🙂
Kind regards

So what I can do in situations like this? I can’t withdraw to Payoneer and Paypal

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They are not saying that you are in Israel. Fiverr HQ is in Israel so your funds have to come from there. Some countries do not allow incoming funds from israel or other countries. The Customer Support people are explaining that you would have to check on that.

It sounds like something went wrong at the point that Fiverr sent the funds to PayPal. If your funds are still showing up in your Fiverr account then you may need to use another option, like the bank transfer option. That’s about all I can guess based on what you have written here.

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Yes, fonthaunt is 100% Right, They do not mean that you living in Israel, Fiver HQ is Located in Israel so its simple that the sending paypal will be from that country, As far we all know Paypal is not available to all countries also its doesnt support payment in all countries, so if you can contact your paypal support that you can receive it or not to get the best idea about it, (also i think support person should know the answer if some other member from Ukraine already made any transaction or not though paypal) By the way, You can do it from your end, If you think bank transfer is faster and with less problem i would suggest go for that,

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