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Aftermath of working 1 Month on Fiverr!


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Hello, fellow fiverrians! I hope everyone is having an awesome day or night or whatever the time is in your country right now.

Today, I just wanted to share my first 1-month (26 days to be precise) statistics here on Fiverr. I want you to comment on my stats like whether it’s good or bad or just ok and I also want you to be share yours below. So without further ado here it is:

-Time Since Joined Fiverr: 26 days
-Gigs Posted: 2
-Orders completed: 14
-Reviews: 5-star 10 reviews
-Ratings: 100%
-Revenue Generated: $68
-Orders In Queue: 1

I’ve completed 10 orders and 5-star rating so as you know, just after 4 days I’ll have a Level-1 badge on my profile 🙂 And I’ll be looking forward to a Level-2 badge. Fingers Crossed

Now, it’s time to comment whether it is good or bad and also share yours. It will motivate other beginners who have just started out.

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