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How do you send messages to another person?


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I’m sure this has been covered in another thread ( and it’s not even a tip for sellers, sorry!) but
I am trying to figure out how to send messages to certain people.
Sending a message to a seller is easy, you just click on their names/ contact seller and boom, you have your
message box open and ready.
How can you send a message to a person who is not a seller? Is there a way?

And no, I am not planning to send spam or anything…I swear! 😉

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You can only send a message to a person (buyer) if you as a seller has an ongoing order, you may also send a message in the conversation area by scrolling down in the order area and “view discussion” with the client.

Moreover, the fiverr.com/conversation thing only work 4 out of 10 people. It really depends on their privacy settings.

Hope this helps!

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