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5 pages of NewArrivals! The shock! Happy gone Halloween


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You know that moment when you start creating your account from the very beginning, spending maybe a whole day to choose the right words that barely describe you because they are very short and brief, And because you’re not that perfect in marketing and you don’t know how to promote for your services, you arrange the words together, upload the samples, then, it’s that other moment when you start creating your gig, feeling excited about the first request you’ll get, the positive review yo’ll receive from the first customer and the money you’ll earn from selling your service. Your gig is finally published, after spending a lot of time trying to make it as professional as you can, and you’re going to that page when your gig is supposed to be but nothing, refresh the page and still nothing and then you suddenly see that arrow next to “Filter by”, which you’ve never noticed until now, and you read those two words at the bottom, just at the bottom; “Newest Arrivals”, click and 5 pages of new arrivals with 48 gigs in each page which means that there are 240 people just like you and are waiting for the first review and you me be the last choice.
The End

Well, it’s a big tragedy and maybe I exaggerate, but I’m actually one of those persons who thought that they will sell their services just right after creating their gig, It’s not that easy, I confess, there will be a lot of rivals and even when you move to the “Avg. customer review” pages, you’ll be surrounded by peers that would compete. So, you have to make a strategy and to learn how to attract people to your gig, how to be unique, how to provide special service and significantly, how to keep your customers satisfied.

Good luck for everybody:)

P.S: To whom it may concern, I offer a free service for the first two buyers, check my gig for more details.

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