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Inbox Message Response Timer/Warning Not Going Away


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For the past several months I’ve been experiencing tons of issues with the Fiverr INBOX not working correctly.

For instance, I will get a message from a new potential client. It shows the black timer/clock next to the message and says I have xx hours to reply to keep my standing. Of course I reply quickly, many times within 30 minutes of a message. (even during off hours because my phone alerts me).

When I reply on SOME of the messages the timer does not go away. It continues to count against me, then turning red and later messing up my response time. I went from a 1-hour average now to 2-hours because of this issue.

I’ve contacted support numerous times and provided screen captures. After months of this happening I’m wondering what the real problem is. They fix the timer icon (as it goes away) but I’m loosing confidence in the actual time being calculated properly because my rating is now 2-hours when I know it should be less.

Support crew at Fiverr is great, but it never really gets fixed…just corrected for the moment.

I’ve done the following:

  1. Cleared the cache. rebooted, signed out, etc.
  2. Tried from a different computer when I reply back the 1st time.
  3. Replied back from my iPhone instead of a computer on the 1st reply.
  4. Replied back a few times, breaking my message into a few ‘responses’ on the new message.

It still does this no matter what I try.

I think its pretty safe to say its not an issue on my system, as 3 systems and my iPhone all yield the same results.

Strangely enough, it does not do it on all new messages. There does not seem to be any pattern I can tell. I might get 10 new client inbox messages and maybe 3, or 5 will have this problem when I reply. Then I have to contact support with screen captures to resolve it.

Am I the only person having this problem?

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Yes, every day. I sigh, grumble a bit and ignore it. As far as I can tell it’s just a random bug that doesn’t affect much. I don’t bother with CS, but I imagine if we all did, every day, every time, it might get fixed quicker.

Fiverr’s just generically broken at the moment, it seems.

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I would not care so much except they rate us sellers by the response time. A potential shopper will see someones response time is 1 day and may opt for someone who replies in 1 hour instead. In todays digital world we want work done now…not a day from now.

When my response rate went from 1-hour to 2-hours I noticed a decline in the number of inbox messages (this week). I can’t imagine having it at a 1-day…I would not get any work on here.

If they cannot get it working properly they should probably take it off the gigs. It hurts sales for both the seller, and Fiverr who does not get the commission because the order was not placed.

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