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I will write 5 meaningful and thoughtful comment on your blog post


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Comments could make your websites blogs or videos more interesting and engaging.

I will post relevant and helpful responses in your websites blogs or videos to help your page gain more viewers and activate more conversation.

Each could be up to one 80 words

Here are the benefits of this gig:

  1. Comment will be up to 80 words

  2. You will get your posts read by me that will increase your “time spent on site” which is something Google looks for when ranking sites. The higher the time spent on site the better.

  3. Your posts will rank better in Google because I will add 1 keyword (that YOU will provide me with – this is optional for you) in each of your 5 posts.

  4. Your readers will see the comments and want to reply to them, thus attracting more content.

  5. If you want, i will use different IP address.

  6. I will use different username to enhance conversation.

I will provide a screenshot.

I will use 3 different names for the STANDARD package
I will use 5 different names for the PREMIUM package

Let’s get your blog active!

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