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How to Make DIgital Music With Fruity Loop 12 in Just 3 Hours


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Hello, all,
On this occasion I want to share tips on how to create digital music in just 3 hours. DAW that I use today is Fruity Loop 12.
Here are the steps you must do to create a digital music composition:

  1. Prepare Fruity Loop 12
  2. Determine the type of music you want along with the tempo and the tone selected.
  3. Here I give an example to use VST instruments such as congenital FL Live Drum Synth, Bass Boo, FL Keys (piano), Sytrus (pad, guitar, sequencer etc)
  4. Start the job by setting the tempo with BPM
  5. Once the tempo is selected, the next step is to set the desired drum beat through the piano roll available.
  6. After the drum beat is completed the next step is to set the tone of the bass on Boo Bass VST in piano roll.
  7. After both instruments is completed then we can incorporate other instruments as complementary as FL Keys, Sytrus or String according to need.
    8.'ve finished your song!

For more details, I attached the screenshot …
Good luck!

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