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How to Reply Back With Attractive Buyer Request


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Hello my great sellers, how is sales today? Hope you all enjoy to sales.
Yes I promised yesterday to post on ‘’ how to reply back to buyers request" but due to my time yesterday I was unable to send the template. Now the template would send to you to view, please note that this is just to give an ideal that can assist you on your business, I’m posting this template because I used it and it worked for me. This template may not full as you expected but just to write it with your ideal and more to it, I bet it with you you’ll see positive reply. Here is the template:

Dear Buyer,
Your request just got to me now. I’m (your country and your job I.e Indian writer) with …… year experienced. base on my writing skill I would love to work with you and I promise to serves you to your satisfaction. I’ve written a lot of articles for both large scale and small scale organizations and many businesses have been built in both online and offline by me.
In addition to my career to assure you that I am a professional writer are:

  • Great quality communications is guaranteed
  • Fast delivery with high quality are guaranteed
  • Listen to employer’s instructions
    Looking forward to work with you.
    Thank you for understanding
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