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It looks like there is a glitch in the system or something. Last month my old account which is this one @ga_riley2 got compromised so I had to download & screen capture all my receipts and then cancelled it.

** Go ahead and try clicking on the link and see what happens.**

Well, my new account is up and running just fine since last month. So far, I’ve only purchased three gigs under my new username which is @gina_riley - geesh, even the @ doesn’t work (http://www.fiverr.com/gina_riley) but for some reason when I log onto the forum it takes me to this old - cancelled account.

The fact you can’t access your account but can post from it leads me to believe you are having the same issues as me. I am only a buyer so it’s not as important to me as it is to you.

I’m just going to ride it out and see if they can fix it eventually - there have been many glitches on Fiverr lately. It eventually seems to get fixed slowly but surely.

You, as a seller, with some pretty awesome gigs - I agree with @nibir009 and contact CS to help you out immediately.

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@ga_riley2 As far as your problem, I think that might have something to do with the email you used. I have heard of situations where people closed an account or had it closed for them, so they open a new account and use the same email address. Sometimes that breaks forum access or does other weird things, It’s worth notifying Customer Support and trying to get it fixed because the more people that report it, the better. Sellers with this problem are definitely at much higher risk.

@code_bakers Are you still having a problem? I see your account on the forum and on Fiverr.

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