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Why i can not gig any order?


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When it comes to website design then a majority of Fiverr buyers need to be able to communicate with you in order to specify their requirements. Unfortunately based on your post here and gig description, I’m guessing buyers visiting your gig will click the back button. I’m sure you’re an expert in your field, but buyers get scared if there’s a language barrier.

In Envato you can sell templates and clients don’t need to reach out to you unless something breaks down and they need your support. I know it might sound harsh and I don’t mean to discourage you, but I think Envato might be a better platform for you. Keep selling your themes there.

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Dear developer there is very high potential for web designers on Fiverr as far as i know and they earn enough.
Do not discourage you have the skill and you can definitely earn with it by providing your services to concern buyers.
Only one thing you have do is to go and post a gig of web template design i.e wordpress, drupal etc and define your specification there if you have previous work(portfolio) add it in the gig creation process.
If you have further questions regarding gig creation you can also concern fiverr academy.

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