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Are my Gigs uninteresting...?


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Hello everyone! i’m new to this community and i made 2 gigs so far.
both of them are getting no attention at all, i was wondering if i’m doing something wrong or if what i’m offering isn’t interesting.
i make traditional art designs for books (mostly children’s books) and for art supplies and coloring books. and my gigs are based around that…but so far i got no orders…
do i have to make more gigs? or should i change something about what i’m doing?
I’m grateful for every suggestion and advise you give me.

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Uninteresting isn’t the word.

Specific IS the word! Hand making a children’s book cover seems excellent; I’d order it- if I made children’s books. My suggestion is this:

  • Keep that Gig. Perhaps you could hire someone to improve the grammar, SEO, and other essentials for making a good sale.

  • If you’re up to it, make another, unspecific Gig. It’s basically the same thing, but rather than “children’s books”, you make… eBook covers in general! Plenty of people on this site need their eBooks improved, but they may not write CHILDREN’S books specifically.

  • The portrait Gig is great! Once again, I suggest hiring someone to revamp that Gig for you. It can go a long way.

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