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Hello, I'm here to draw!


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Hi fellow-fiverrs!

New here, so let me introduce myself. I’m Jan, from the Netherlands, living in the South of France for some years. I draw whiteboard animation videos by hand, but really by hand.
No software involved (except for editing part). This permits me to really draw anything you want. I have created animation videos for app-developers, the gaming industry, consultants and even a tea specialist.

My sense of responsibility for the experience of others combined with practical and creative competences makes me able to produce unique videos. and fast. I like fast.

Hope to draw you soon!

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Hello, welcome to Fiverr. Its good to know that you are drawing that by hand. There are a lot of sellers here who are using softwares to do that same. But if something is done in an easy manner and does the job for the buyer, then I think it will a bit of hard work for you in starting days to work. I doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting orders or something, but just that you will have to work hard to deliver a video which is done easily by others using a software. Also don’t you think your prices are a bit higher compared to others.

I would suggest you to lower a bit so as to get your first break easily 🙂

Wish you all the very best.

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Thanks for your feedback 😉
You’re right about the prices, I didn’t really look into other pricings.
I believe that drawing by hand can be an competitive advantage though, to offer something different than the digital videos which are massively offered. But you’re right, it’s intensive to create.

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