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No Image on the Gallery= No order


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Hello to all,
Recently my Gig on car wrapping was suspended because I put a link in the description.

I was wrong, but in good faith.

Ok Fiverr gave me another chance and I removed the link.
Then I got back my Gig but without the feedback with the images in the gallery.
I asked them and they told me that you can not get back the images.
I also put on the home page, some links where you see my work.
Conclusion: No order and my Gig has also disappeared from the search with Tag.

They’re eliminating me?
To you the conclusions.
Thank you very much

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If you break the rules of Fiverr, then yes, Fiverr has every right to respond as they see fit. It is your task, as a user of any website, to know the rules of that website. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. You can read all of the rules of Fiverr in the Fiverr Terms of Service, or the Fiverr Academy.

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