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Think Like Entrepreneur!

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Well… Life is not all about making money but if it’s a business and if it is fiverr then it’s all about making money. For me, I am just about to become 2 month old on fiverr but during this short stint I experienced a lot of sweetness, sour stuff and yes some real cool valuable lessons of life and the business I own, “The High-End Graphics Design, 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Advertising, and Technology Studios”. Fiverr is just awesome and it is helping me a lot in many ways. I might not be a rock star like you here who makes thousands of dollars every month but who knows I might touch your shoulder. Anyway here is some cool tips for my fellow fiverr sellers and probably this might help buyers too…

First of all think like an entrepreneur and here it goes why?

(1) At fiverr you are the boss of your own, yes there’s no one in front of you and tapping toes to get the job done quickly and push you with new stuff. Instead you are living in your apartment, sipping your very own home cooked coffee, playing with your kids and by doing something which you enjoy most and passionate about, and making money.

(2) So, your every single decision will impact your own sales and future on fiverr. Yes it’s true whether you do a good job or a bad one it will directly impact your business on fiverr not to the business of someone else you might be working for. So, for whatever reason be honest with your work and always remember always play clean and safe.

(3) when i have had stated my fiverr journey two month ago I was trying my best to produce my best and still i produce my best but the question is how and what you can produce for $5? Well to the answer of this question, there are lot of good buyers who just need a little help of you to get their job done for their projects and it might take you only 5 to 10 minutes to get their job done which they are not capable to do due to vivid reasons. But at some cases someone may need one complicated service of you, a big help of you for their business and they might need something from you which might cost you your one, two or several hours so, what you can do where a buyer must order a gig with $5 basic one only? Well… In this situation you may ask your buyer to upgrade their order by ordering your gig extras or if they are willing to then they can order multiple gigs of you up to the value of your afford and expected price, you can explain them why it worth more than $5 and believe me not everyone is greedy here and on fiverr most of the buyers are genuine and they are wiling to co-operate with you for your fantastic services because end of the day after giving few more bucks their work will shine as they expect and it worth more than your selling price for them because your few coins job is going to bring them good business which might be in thousands, millions and who knows billions I guess L-) Oh sure not billions but yes i guess you got my point.

(4) Why I am confident in all of my above points? Because the kind of service I am offering here may cost $5 to $500 or even more depending up on the buyers expectations so whenever I see that I buyer have ordered something nice and have given me the brief of their expectations or even in some cases me too make them aware of the fact that what they are asking for and what it might cost and believe me most of my buyers have been really nice and they have understand the fact and have given order for more than $100 for a job which they have had ordered for $5.

(5) Be genuine, be polite, be communicative and answer fast because everyone love speed. And don’t you forget that communication is the key of everything.

Hmmm… There’s few more but I will post some latter time. I hope you enjoyed the tell and would love to know your tell on this.

Thank you!


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