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Option To Leave Reviews After Requesting Resolution


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I have had some great experiences from sellers in Fiverr and review them accordingly.

However, I have also had some terrible experiences where I had to ask Fiverr to Resolve the situation. The current process is that Fiverr gives the seller a few days to respond and if they fail to do so, the order is cancelled and the money is credited.

However, at the point of credit there is no option to leave a negative review re. the seller’s gig. I have had 2 bad experiences in a row now. The first one ended up in a cancellation and credit when the seller did not respond in the time frame of the resolution. It is with this credit that I ordered the 2nd gig, where the seller sent a ‘Here’s Your Delivery’ post with a note saying that he will deliver in the next 4 hours. It’s 7 days later and I still have nothing other than a ‘snotty’ remark from the seller a few days back telling me that I need to be patient.

My only recourse is to ask for a resolution again. The seller won’t respond because he knows I can’t leave a negative review if the order is cancelled and I will get my credit, but I have lost almost 3 weeks between the 2 gigs and am extremely frustrated.

I am sure that other buyers have had similar bad experiences that have led to a resolution that resulted in credit. If we were able to leave reviews in these situations we could protect other buyers from these sellers and the entire market space would be a better experience. It would also benefit the sellers that perform and deliver according to what their gig states.

Right now I can’t trust the reviews I see on any sellers gig, because I know from my own experience that the worst experiences that will have led to cancellation of the orders via Resolution have not been recorded in these reviews. Both sellers that I dealt with now had good reviews and even though I had a bad experience, this will not reflect in their reviews and other non-the-wiser buyers will buy their services based on their current reviews only to risk similar bad experiences.

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I agree, its two years later and I am having the same experience as you did. Now I, as a buyer, dont trust fiverr’s reviews because the bad ones cannot be placed. Fiverr seems to be more on the side of the seller than the buyer.

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