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More views, lower conversion


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Hi there!

Welcome to the fiverr selling world.

I would say this is quite the opposite, Fiverr loves to promote new sellers. However, at the end of the day it’s the buyers that have the final decision. Buyers don’t want to purchase new sellers because they don’t have ratings. I assure you, once your get your first 5 star review, you will start getting sales that your gig deserves!

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I’m going to be honest and hope that you do not get offended.
The sample video you have does not impress me for the price quoted. The music is too loud and interferes with the VO. The images are not particularly relevant and there is no real correlation from one scene to the next.
For the price you are asking I think there are a lot of sellers who would do better.

I suggest you work on a new video for your gig first. Your gig says video converts up to 64% (not sure if it’s true but I know it does convert better than images), but you are not seeing that, perhaps it is the video as that is your main marketing tool for those who see your gig. For comparison, on average my gigs convert to a sale for every 12 clicks over the past 3 months. I don’t count views as I am sure I get a lot of people looking at my profile through the forum as I post here a lot.
Hope you appreciate me being straight with you, I could be wrong of course.

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