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I throw the popcorn after I've heard about Fiverr(just Introduce myself)


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I left a bag of popcorn in front of my TV. I accidentally knew from some website which brought me here and instantly knew that an amazing story just begin!

Oh! They can sell a lot of paintings here, OMG! This is where I should be, right?


I started my first gig. everything was fine. It looks wonderful then I try to search but I don’t even find my gig! and I realize that there’re many sellers here. such a huge website! I feel like this is not what I imagined

I’m laying down on my bed, eating my popcorn (what’s kind of person of me lol) and thinking " Buyer can’t find my works, It’s not that easy like my first thought but it’s worth to be here "

Congratulations! you just finished my nonsense story hahaha, but I hope it’s not boring.
I would like to introduce myself. I promise I’ll make it so short.

I’m Freelance illustrator who tries to reach million of people.

Thank you for reading and good luck!

(Sorry for my bad internet I did’nt mean to post 2 posts in the same time)

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Are you a real Admin? If yes you really suprised me. I don’t expect any comment especially from admin after i just broke the rule(dupilcate post) lol.
Anyway it doesnt matter you’re admin or not but thank you for warm welcome 🙂

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