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FAKE Japanese "Native" translator


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I have had wonderful experience since I found Fiverr. Every people I worked with was very loyal and I understand not everyone has the best customer service but that’s ok.
I live in Japan and I can speak Japanese but when it comes to corporate stuff I usually need some help or translation. I found this girl “******” that offered me a good deal. and did a translation for me. When I got the document I noticed some weird sentences but I thought it might be a way to say things in the corporate world in Japan.
I show some Japanese friends the document and they confirmed hat I suspected.
From the start to the end of the text… 95% of the context didn’t make any sense or even was grammatically correct!
This is the first time I came across someone like this in Fiverr. I contacted the Fiverr team and they made the reimbursement.
I see “she” has had some good review and I feel sorry for the people “she” has ripped off.
This account should be deleted permanently and the users should get back their money.

*I spoke to this person in Japanese, and it seems “she” wasn’t able to understand my basic Japanese. I feel disgusted.

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As a translator, people like this angers me a LOT.
It is VERY strange that she did not answer your question, and it is stranger
that she did not reply in Japanese.

Having that said though, you are not allowed to mention names here at to forum,
so try not to do so in the future.


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No worries, we all make mistakes.

You can try reporting her to Customer Support, or try
sending her a few more messages point out her actions and see
how she responds.

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Roychamo , I guess you need to understand that all top rated or level two sellers are not really experts, some just have the experience but as it’s a normal protocol of fivver to promote your level when you make sales and you have 100% fast when they are responding to your messages. So beware of fake ones and those new sellers might not have a lot of experience on fiverr, but they have somewhere else which you are not aware of. Try to check on latest sellers that are ready to work with you and make your documents suitable to your own taste.

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Has everyone failed to notice the registration location of this user? (1st Strike)
Also a brand new seller who signed up in September has 63 reviews translating. (2nd Strike)
Their local time is GMT+8 where Japan should be GMT+9 (3rd Strike)

I understand your faith in Fiverr’s sellers, but you are also responsible for your own due diligence while deciding to purchase from one of them.

Report this seller to customer support and mention my above stated points, and I can ensure you this fraud will have their account removed.


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Yeah, those weren’t human voices. The work was clearly done by a digital reading service. 😉

And I say this as an actor who has a career of performing on stage, in films, and has taken many commercial acting and voice-over classes. You learn how to spot the fakes rather easily.

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I google-searched the girl’s face, and it seems like she is a
Chinese actress or something?? Not a Japanese living in Hiroshima or Pakistan, that’s for sure. I know this sounds childish but I am quite tempted to send “her” a message in Japanese just to see what
will happen 😛

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I’m a Japanese voice over talent and I often receive badly translated Japanese scripts for voice over… Every time I am asked to do voice over for those dodgy translations, I get really frustrated and also feel sorry for those people who paid for the bad translation services, as I have to ask them to go back to the translators to refund and find better one. In general, the Japanese translators on Fiverr with many good reviews are good. The new / cheap ones are more likely dodgy.

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