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Buyers With Customers


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Hi everyone!

I would like to share my experiences after i faced lots of issues. Some buyers do not want a work for themselves. They have some websites to sell works or they already work on an agency.

The biggest problem is with these buyers, they want lots of revisions after you finish your work without any mistake. Because they show your work to their customers and get feed backs than they ask for revisions.

You do revisions and than they want more revisions that they did not write you previous revisions.

Another problem is with these buyers, they never rate your work although you do unlimited revisions. I think they are afraid of their customers if they see the works.

If you keep doing work such kind of buyers, it will effect your rate in the future. It is likely possible order cancellation.

To avoid this situation, specify this on your every gig. Just say “I don’t do work for your customers. I just do work for you.”

Thanks a lot.

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